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Commercial Real Estate

San Diego Private Bank is prepared to help you and your business purchase or improve real property. Our Commercial Real Estate Loans are term loans that are secured by income producing real estate for investors or owners, and are generally used to finance or refinance real property.

Term Loans

San Diego Private Bank offers a range of options to finance or refinance Income-Producing and Owner-Occupied real estate. Our term loans are customized to your financing needs and can have either variable or fixed interest rates. These loans are secured by a first deed of trust on the Commercial property.

Construction Loans

A San Diego Private Bank Real Estate Construction Loan is a non-revolving line of credit secured by real estate. The money is advanced through a fund control process, which disburses funds as needed. During the term of the loan, you pay monthly interest only on the outstanding balance. The amount needed for these payments may be included in an interest reserve account and included in total costs. Construction financing is provided for Office, Industrial, Retail, Multi-Family and Residential Subdivisions. San Diego Private Bank will also consider financing land acquisitions for future development purposes on a case-by-case basis.  For additional information about Construction Loans, please contact Nina Frontz at 619-522-2529.

Equipment Loans

San Diego Private Bank Equipment Loans are designed to provide your company with important financing alternatives. We offer equipment-financing options to enhance your technology needs, expand your product lines, or increase your plant's efficiency.

Residential Construction Loans

San Diego Private Bank specializes in construction loans for multi-family properties including 2 to 4 units, apartments and condominium developments. We offer you the most flexible construction loans available to help you manage your project.  For additional information about Construction Loans, please contact Nina Frontz at 619-522-2529.

SBA Loans

San Diego Private Bank can put together an SBA Loan that can be used to help your business grow and expand.  SBA loans can be used to purchase real estate for your business and lock in your occupancy costs, refinance debt, purchase equipment or for term working capital.  Our experienced staff can help structure your needs into an SBA program that best fit the situation.  We will help you put together the loan package, complete the SBA forms and get an approval in a timely fashion.  If you are not sure if your business, or the use of the proceeds, is eligible for an SBA Loan, give us a call and we will answer your questions and get the process going.  Please call Michael Valenti at 760-759-1709 for more information.

Revolving Lines of Credit

A San Diego Private Bank Revolving Line of Credit provides your business opportunities as they develop. Your business can borrow, repay, and borrow again up to the original amount committed by San Diego Private Bank throughout the life of the loan. This type of credit facility is normally repaid from your business' operating cash flow (i.e. the collection of receivables). You can use a line of credit to fund seasonal changes in inventory and receivables, take advantage of vendor discounts, or meet unexpected cash requirements. Lines of credit are a cost effective way to borrow and repay what your business needs when you need it.

Letters of Credit

A San Diego Private Bank Letter of Credit can help your business secure the purchase of goods on a domestic or international level. Our lending team will help you structure your trade transactions to avoid the discrepancies and inconsistencies that can cause additional costs, delays and potential loss of business.

Other Types of Loans

Please Contact Us for information on other types of loans not mentioned here. Examples are: Lines of Credit, Business Lines of Credit and Equipment Leasing Financing.

San Diego Private Bank's NMLSR ID Number is 525007.


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